We need a Holistic approach at entrepreneurship:

Experiences are the only key to success, every type of experience worth and is very important for a first class entrepreneur!

OES at German University:

Very funny and interesting meeting at the German Bank University!

What’s OES:

OES is a platform for, starting, entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds that want to be prepared for a world that is transforming at an increasing speed in a global setting. For people that want to have the power and the love to make a difference that matters.

Our point:

Our opinion is no better way to explain you about OES than our videos.
We have been collecting our videos about the startup moment in Brazil, going to the single video interview of each founder. Pick the one you prefer or simply look all together, they are short in lenght and no professional shooting, but you will certanly capture the feeling of what we have done and what we willing to do!
We like action, like every entrepreneur around the World we do prefer make things rather than writing down words and words where no move will take place!
It's time to act and make beutiful things all around!