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India is booming.The work and services that they provide to Europe slowly become more aimed at their own markets. The question is the same as in Brazil, how can India avoid the traps and pitfalls of the big Western economies? How can we create business booms, while respecting the planet, the people and the environment? How can your start up make a difference in this a fast changing context? How to start up for yourself with a creative business beyond survival? How to create meaning and fun for yourself and others?

E-cube meeting

4 Panels many information one great night.

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Check the event on the way and register! At OES we promote pure business spirit by organizing events with the local Community and International Partners.

OES Mumbai Office Location:

118 Master Mind one royal palms Aarey colony Goregaon East Mumbai 400065
TEL. +919920342394
Local Officer: Gaurav Mishra