Why would you choose for the OES approach to education:

“We need to train people for a future we don't know yet.” Aside from a possible whole system collapse several trends may have huge impact, like global warming, new technological advances, shifts in how and where we find energy, rise of viral and mesh developments, the rise and fall of great political and economical powers or industries.

To succeed in business in the future you need:

- to know how to deal with different cultures

- be able to deal with fast changing situations

- to be mentally and physically healthy & strong

- have a meaning and purpose that adds value for others

- have a passion and the mentality to go for it

- be social and communicative

What do you learn and develop at OES?

You become stronger (in mentality, passion to go for what you want, care for others) You get a more holistic outlook You know how to build up markets around the world, on global and local level You become able to adapt to future developments and live in a fast changing world

Why is family and community so important at OES?

Once during a big research in a hospital they asked the sick and dying about their lives. Nobody wished they'd worked harder or made more money. They basically all regretted not having spend more times with friends and family and related better and deeper to the world. What is most important o you and what regrets would you want to avoid? For us this puts life central in your career. How to have a life in which income, friends & family and related to the world are all integrated?

OES has these three levels of learning:

1.Income. OES believes the best of you can make the easiest income. Your best talents, and even biggest weaknesses, may be a easy source to start up your own enterprise. If diversity is king, the your specialty is a much needed niche. Discover at OES how you make a difference for others and how to secure an income from that. And create work that supports your life instead of your life supporting your work.

2.Relationships. Our social network is our primary wealth, when all other economic systems fail. To create this wealth we both need to give and dare to ask. So how to deepen relationships with friends and family. How to become part of a community? And how to help your family to rise above negative patterns and becoming the beautiful supportive organism that it basically is?

3.Relating to the world. We are part of a big world, that's getting smaller with each new discovery about how everything is interconnected. In this world we are neither guardians or shopkeepers, we are just part of it. Playing part means several things. It means connectedness, interdependence and enriching the living world around us. Enriching means that your profession also has a positive impact on all life around you and perhaps even is designed to tackle a specific problem many others have. On top of that, we need to train our capability to deal with every change that life throws at us.