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Mikele Ferraro
  • Serial Global Entrepreneur
  • OES model designer
  • OES program mentor 
Floris Koot
  • Social Educator 
  • Game designer 
  • OES education designer 
Gaurav Mishra
  • Indian Entrepreneur 
  • OES supporter 
  • OES India base manager 

What is OES?

Open Enterprise Space is an international educational platform for 21st century entrepreneurship. It was fire started by Mikele Ferra, a serial entrepreneur who set up over 20 companies all over the world. Together with educational innovators and young entrepreneurs in several countries he started OES as necessary addition to educational programs in entrepreneurship.

OES is thus also an international network and company. Since India and Brazil are both booming countries and the first to get ignited by the OES idea, they started cooperation early on. OES has relationships with:

  • a network of mentors from very diverse countries and backgrounds.
  • a diverse set of companies and entrepreneurs where participants can get knowledge, networks and perhaps assignments from.
  • other (alternative) educations, who as OES are designing education for our future.

Why we do exist? The world needs entrepreneurs who care to make a constructive difference.

Most schools offer knowledge based upon models and convictions grounded in research, often also with convictions as starting points. We find that for this century and for modern entrepreneurs that will not do anymore. The current state of the world needs people who can and dare to act in entrepreneurial ways. This cannot be thought within the existing frames. For this we need a whole new kind of education, which has become OES.

Through his international work Mikele got both a global overview most people rarely have of how our world is changing and insights into what is needed to adapt and even make a positive difference.Having knowledge or the experience to do so are two very different things. We believe that aside from knowledge, many people lack in the insight, flexibility and strength to make do in chaotic and complex settings.

Thus OES is not a normal school. It focuses on creating learning experiences that build a stronger and more loving character and increases each persons capability to act. It helps to build relationships and projects in chaotic settings, across cultural gaps. You'll meet and learn to work in settings and with people you'd otherwise would never have met. And yes, there will be some methods and tools.

System map for Mikele’s Business Network.

OES programs help you in understanding how to create the OPEN ENTERPRISE NETWORK. Using the already Mikele's experiences on the field, participant will get the same experiences brought Mikele and Ferramedia Holding to create a strong companies network based on emphatic sense of business! The amount of values scattered by this new business-setting is unbelievable in term of strength and sustanaibility. Corporate mindset meets family tradition mixed to modern and holistic way to approach life and therefore business!

OES Applicant can ask for a Real Job experience Master, soon after the OES program has been accomplished,  in one of the Ferramedia' office structures around the World!


For those in Europe and the USA, OES actually also wants you to learn from these cultures and help them, and yourself, to avoid making the mistakes, the West previously made. Therefore Brazilian and Indian entrepreneurial ideas will be very much part of the education. More than teaching models, we believe though learning by exchanging the brightest, newest, innovative ideas from people at the edge, who are finding the new ways to make things happen.

OES founder and model Design