WELCOME into not traditional Business school !!!

You need a futuristic vision of your life to join us, If you don't please don't bother us by conventional issues!

What will you develop through OES:
*A Start-Up, or Expansion of your own business, across borders.
*Have changed from an individual mindset to a community mindset.
*Developed friends and community, both within the group and across boundaries.
*The Strength, Courage and Love to make things work anywhere, anytime and with anyone.
*New essential ways to look at business, the world and at your place in it.
*An active pioneering attitude focussed on making things happen.

OES Workshop Mumbai 1 October 2016

OES activities

25th January 2017

OES Workshop for Dutch students learning Global Entrepreneurship !

OES Palermo University

OES Workshop 3 days intense Cultural and Global application of methods for sustainable Enterprise

OES and QART seminar

Qart workshop in Switzerland and Berlin

NEW EVENT IN MUMBAI startups rock Mumbai, India

take a look at our brochure, SED India is organizing the best event ever about Startup environment

Saturday 1 October in Mumbai, India

OES panel to present practical experience and not Theoretical application of EMC for new business

OES Information

OES, Open Enterprise Space Where Entrepreneurs Expand their Glocal Strength.

Call for entrepreneurs:
How to be an entrepreneur in our modern glocal world? How to overcome inner and outer barriers and stay, or become, successful in our fast changing world?
You are an entrepreneur. You have, or want to start, a business. And you struggle with your development, but can't pinpoint where things get stuck, or you know and don't know what to do about it. Think your safe within your country, think again. Or you seek opportunities across borders but don't know where and how to begin. Here's where OES can help.

Join our 2 month program that will change the way you do business. Change the way you see it. Change the way you feel it. Change the way you relate to people.
It's the most exiting, and probably most tough, real down to earth business experience you can get on this planet, that helps you prepare and be ready to whatever the 21st century will throw at you.


Finally we have our twomonthjourney ready to be presented!

OES learning level:

  • 1st class entrepreneur (Global)
  • 2nd class entrepreneur (Local)
  • 3rd class entrepreneur (Small)

ask for more information oes.mikele@gmail.com


sign up only if you are one of the few ready for community endeavour and not for individualistic challenge. We train leaders not dictator or boss!

OES Italian branch, session Workshop.

OES Brazil branch team building. Nice story about how hard is to build up trust feeling around the World.

OES Berlin

New group to train up in Berlin!

OES India branch

happening and lessons with Gaurav Mishra

OES Mentor Camilo Villa

Colombia workshop

OES Brasil mentor Javier Collado

OES Workshop and multi discipline doctorate at the FBA Brazil

Some of OES students

Mamma Menia
Mariarita Morello
Giuseppe Naim
Angelo Marra
Rosa Gattuso
Marco Mauro
Javier Gomez Ortega
Luciana Tullio
Nicolas Tartabini
Susana Tomassini
Maria Rodriguez
Beatriz Caride
Gaurav Mishra
A. Sanchez
F. Cutrupi
C. Dodiya
V. Venturella
G. Lacarra

How to create a community 3.0

the secret of a love/share setup group of people

Why teach in the Nature and the Big City:

"Life starts where comfort zones end." Being an Entrepreneur or a Social Entrepreneur is a tough way to live your life. You must be ready and aware about that before trying to set up your own enterprise. No matter where you are from, here you will learn by different method! We offer you a lot of real world experiences through our Journey at OES ! Through these you will discover who you are and find the motivation to make your ideas reality!

System map for Ferramedia’s Business Network, OES partner:

OES program help you in understanding how to create the OPEN ENTERPRISE NETWORK. Using the already Mikele's experiences on the field, participant will get the same experiences brought Mikele and Ferramedia Holding to create a strong companies network based on emphatic sense of business! The amount of values scattered by this new business-setting is unbelievable in term of strength and sustanaibility. Corporate mindset meets family tradition mixed into modern and holistic way to approach life and therefore business!

contact us we will make you ready for the nowadays complexity!

In the Globalazation Era creating an enterprise could be a very tough task if you are not very well prepared!

No one is the same! There’s different value in every one of us…

OES is a global platform for, starting, entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds that want to be prepared for a world that is transforming at an increasing speed in a global setting. For people that want to have the power and the love to make a difference that matters.

We need a Holistic approach at entrepreneurship:

Experiences are the only key to success, every type of experience worth and is very important for a first class entrepreneur!